Aquaglass & Glass Painting

Create stunning painted glass projects with this range of Aquaglass, glass painting and stained-glass supplies including paint, card blanks, oven-bake markers, paint brushes and relief outliners and peel-off stickers.

Aquaglass Adhesive Lead Strips Kit (15pcs)

£2.00 £4.00

Aquaglass Card Blanks Circle Aperture (5pk)

£0.90 £1.80

Aquaglass Relief Outliner - Gold (25ml)

£1.00 £2.00

Aquaglass Silhouette Peel Off Stickers - Flowers & Vases

£0.25 £0.49

Aquaglass Silhouette Peel Off Stickers - Lotus Flourish

£0.25 £0.49

Aquaglass Transparent Glass Paint - Chocolate (20ml)

£0.50 £1.00

Aquaglass Transparent Glass Paint - Deep Petrol Blue (20ml)

£0.50 £1.00

Aquaglass Transparent Glass Paint - Matt Medium (20ml)

£0.50 £1.00

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